• "SSL Duality installation"
  • "Audient console install, new patchbay & new network installation"
  • "PRESS Play studios Refub with API, New PatchBay& Network Facilaties"
  • "Duality with suround-sound & video Distribution "
  • "Duality with suround-sound & video Distribution "
  • "SSL Nucleus workstation install "
  • "SSL 4000 installation & service "


Studiowise is about Providing technical support, installation and maintenance for recording studios & training facilities, large or small.

What do we do ?

We can provide any thing from your very own online helpful informative Techy , to designing and installing patch bay or installation and expansion of Network infrastructure  & equipment.

what else can we do ? 

 With over 20 years of experience in studio maintenance, we can provide full or partial  installation and upgrades from mixing consoles to network servers like Synology NAS.  Or Installation and Backup solutions for your preferred  DAW (Protools, Logic etc)
Project management, for studios planning new equipment & facilities or simply upgrading and expanding.

Soul 2 soul studios

 With over 20 years experience as a technical support engineer , system integration and training, we can offer a wide range of services from a simple one off tech service to a regular weekly or monthly support Contract on all equipment and facilities. to help manage technical requirements of a large or small studio.

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Tape machine alignment on Studers and Otari.
For anyone interested in alignment procedure on Studer tape machines follow link bellow.

Console servicing on solid state logic, Neve and Amek.

Qualified tutor to City & Guilds level 2,
with over 10 years experience in delivering courses such BTEC level 2 and 3 and EDXCEL 2 and 3. Music Technology & Recording.