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I have been involved in the Music industry from as far back as I can remember in one capacity or another. As a student I can recall applying for a course at The Welsh College of Music & Drama and being turned Down. Unperturbed by this failure on their behalf to recognize my full potential, I suggested where exactly they could stick there course, promptly joined a punk band in my home town of Cardiff (at the time) and became a total rebel by studied Electronics & digital Theory.?

After many years spent sharing my life between working as a musician, working as a Test engineer for 'Autophon Telecom' and building my first 16 track Recording Studio, I found my self not for the first time, doing, 30 second radio Jingles in Welsh. At this point I began to realize I could probably combine all my? skills in a more musical and technical environment, and so, I found my self in London working as a free-lance tech support engineer for recording studio? I.M.W. Studios, Whitfield St Studios, Metropolis, Record-Plant L.A and Soul II Soul Studios? where upon I quietly set about refurbishing all three rooms with some nice pro gear (See studio Fixes).

Although working as a free-lance technician takes up most of my time I have still found time over the past few years? to involve myself? with teaching Music Technology and Sound Recording Techniques. The experience I have gain as a musician/technician in a Professional environment has help greatly in passing on what I have learned to others and has helped me in maintaining a keen interest in the ever change field of studio technology and practices.?

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